Of children, fairies and a sprinkle of magical dust

For many years now I have been writing stories for children. I cherish the fact that I see everything around me with ‘child-like’ wonder…as if I’m looking at something for the very first time; when, in actual fact, the objects and events are hovering around me all the time. What an incredible feeling!
Here, I’d like to share with you one of my favourite short stories. It’s about a fairy called Aranda. Also, Fairy Be Happy. Ah, yes, and the story wouldn’t be complete without the little elf. And the toadstool…and a sprinkle of magic dust.
Fairy – "Take the Fair Face of Woman"...

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‘Boo hoo! What am I going to do?’ the pretty little fairy sobbed as she wiped away a tiny tear from her wispy lashes.

The distraught Fairy Aranda was standing in front of Fairy Be Happy, the old fairy who looked after all the fairies in the land. She was now quite concerned about her.

‘Aranda, my love, you will have to create a flower for yourself. The other fairies have worked hard and produced beautiful bouquets of exquisite blooms. You must do the same,’ said Fairy Be Happy, tenderly.

‘But that’s just it! They’ve taken all the flowers and now there’s nothing left for me. It’s not fair!’ she cried, tightly clutching her magic wand in annoyance.

Grumbling, she rattled on about how Fairy Cerise had painted flowers red and called them ‘Roses.’ And how Fairy Tawny had created the yellow ‘Buttercups’ and ‘Daffodils.’ She spoke about Fairy Aquamarine and her ‘Bluebells’ and ‘Forget-me-nots.’ The list was endless, as were her complaints.

‘Aranda dearest,’ said Fairy Be Happy, finally, ‘You must go out and search for that elusive flower. Look about you. Be creative – a new flower, a plant, which will only be yours, so let your imagination fly!’ and she hugged the little fairy to coax her on her way.

Although a wee bit upset, Aranda bade goodbye and immediately set to work. She leapfrogged over tufts of grass and hopped over tiny pebbles to get to the woods. She was determined to succeed in her quest.

‘Hello! Where are you going to in such a hurry?’ she spun around quickly, and saw her good friend Jack, the little elf, sitting on a toadstool.

‘I’m on my way to create something new, Jack, something unique,’ she answered, and then told him all about her talk with Fairy Be Happy.

‘Hmm, this requires some serious thinking,’ Jack mused, and put on his teeny weenie cap. It was his lucky cap, it made him think better.

They both sat there, pondering and wondering. Time ticked by. The cool breeze whispered softly. The sunlight twinkled through the boughs and branches of the trees. A leaf fluttered down and gently landed beside them. Aranda watched as her friend brushed it away.

Ah! An idea suddenly struck her like a bolt of lightning. Excitement filled her eyes, her cheeks pink with glee.

‘I have a brilliant idea!’ she burst out. ‘But I need your help, Jack.’

With a nod of his head the little elf rolled up his sleeves, ready to begin the job.

Aranda looked up at the tree, and as she waved her wand, she muttered some magic words. Whoosh! All at once some flowers appeared….trumpet-shaped and purple in colour, they were absolutely magnificent!

‘There you are!’ she proudly exclaimed, picking up a blossom. ‘Now let’s make clusters of these flowers and put them up in the tree. Won’t they look lovely?’

Equally thrilled, Jack agreed and set to work. As he helped his little friend he remembered that he had some magical dust. ‘I’ll sprinkle some of my special magical dust so that they smell nice,’ he said, and, yes, the sweet scent added to their splendour.

The delighted duo flew up and down, busy working till the whole tree was finally polka-dotted with bunches of fragrant, purple flowers. They sat back to admire their creation.

Smilingly, Aranda turned to her friend and said, ‘I know exactly what to call it. You helped me with this, Jack, so I’m naming it……Jacaranda!’

Jack was chuffed! Beaming with pride and happiness, they skipped along to tell Fairy Be Happy all about the new tree in the garden. And what a majestic tree indeed, the Jacaranda turned out to be!

…and that, my friend, is pure magic…or, like when you wish upon a star…dreams really do come true – all it needs is a sprinkle of magical dust. Just ask Jack.

Maloquacious © 2012

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  1. And you know, how i love the Jacaranda tree. One of most precious memories of Nbi. I can still visualize standing from my bedroom window, a blooming tree against the silvery grey cloudy sky reflecting the sunlight!!


    • How picturesque it must have been, Frah! Ah, the majesty of a jacaranda tree-lined avenue, adorned with clusters of purple flowers, their delicate petals fluttering in the air like confetti.. 🙂


  2. What a beautiful story — so glad you decided to share it. I like the determination of Fairy Aranda. I like how she gets really mad that she can’t whip up a flower — that’s an emotion a lot of kids feel, when something doesn’t just “happen.”

    And I especially liked that your story had a happy ending! She worked hard and triumphed — how cute that she and her friend Jack teamed up to make the Jackaranda. Such a creative interpretation of that flower! I hope you’ll post more of your stories, I’d love to read them.


    • Wow, thanks so much for analysing the story and describing the oh-so-many emotions it contains…that’s just what I try to convey in all my stories – a message for the children to read and learn from. Am thrilled that you enjoyed it, Melissa! Yes certainly, I will be posting more short stories. God bless.. 🙂


  3. The way u write just relates to everyday life…what we encounter…it seems that we are just into that situation ourselves and that is the beauty of the way u write…the words and the way they r put together are just superb…


    • Ah, good question, Ronnie. I too, am not sure about this. Have asked around so if I get any info I’ll definitely let you know. But if you find out, please tell!


  4. How enchanting! It’s a beautiful story told so beautifully, Maleeha.

    I could imagine Fairy Aranda and Jack brainstorming in a beautiful garden somewhere. Gosh, it could have been somewhere right here around my garden! It feels like home, the fairyland. Thank you for creating such a beautiful world, and then sharing it here!


    • Oh, Priya, I’m so glad you enjoyed the story! Thank you 🙂
      You never know, Jack and his little fairy friend may be hopping around in your garden somewhere…refreshing themselves with the early morning dew..


    • Oh, I’m so glad to hear you say that, Duck…thanks so much!! That’s what my aim is. I want the reader to actually ‘see’ themselves sitting in wonderland, being a part of the story. Thank ye kindly! 🙂


  5. Wonderful, Maleeha. Can I share this with my friends in publishing? I think your stories should ,have a wider audience. Let Rowling be an inspiration!



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