A warm, happy day


What a wonderful day it is today! Ha, I’m not just talking about the weather but I just heard from my friend Arindam…and he’s brightened up my day even more.

Why? How? I will let you know that in a minute. First, let me tell you a bit about him. He’s a fellow blogger, a writer who writes with amazing descriptive power, speaks from the heart and shares his world with everyone.

Arindam awarded me with the ‘Kreativ Blogger Award’ …thanks oodles, Arindam, for this beautiful award…I am touched and so honoured. Bless you!

I always enjoy reading his blog – Being Arindam – and I am sure you all will too. Arindam, I wish you the very best and may you keep on blogging!

… And now, the following is a post especially written for my friends who are living where the temperatures are freezing; where the thick blanket of snow has enveloped their environment and icy frost and sleet hail down upon them.

A warm, happy day

Sunday morning. Ah, what a blessed day for everyone’s home.

The morning sunshine streams in through the window. Curtains are drawn aside, and the day begins.

Hearken to the sweet sounds of various birds. The nightingale sits on a branch and warbles its morning melody. Sparrows huddle in groups, chattering away like monkeys.

Outside, the grass is moistened with a slight hint of dew, the droplets sparkle like diamonds.

High in the sky, the clouds float by slowly. The sun shines brilliantly. A slight chill is in the air but warmth from the sun’s rays adds a touch of cosiness.

The house bustles with breakfast activites. Bowls of cereals hungrily spooned up, beakers of juice hastily gulped down. Sips of tea taken while reading the morning papers.

Coffee percolates, sending all around, strong whiffs of the ‘wake-me-up’ aroma. The infant grabs the mug of milk, spilling most of it, but leaving a trace of a ‘white moustache’ on the lip.

Granny, swaddled in a shawl, warmly hugs grandchildren. Peace and contentment is writ upon her brow.

People are happy and relaxed. It’s a day for leisure. And out they go. Perhaps they head for a walk, or a picnic? Or, even a rendezvous with a beloved?

Grandpas don tweed jackets and lumber off to the neighbourhood park. As they stroll by the lake, the ducks head for them, eagerly expecting a shower of breadcrumbs.

Little boys all agog with thrill and excitement gather at the lake. Little model boats are placed upon the water. Remote controls guide them as they zigzag and skim rapidly over the water. Delightful squeals of laughter and glee ring through the air.

Dads beam with pride at sons’ expertise, giving ‘thumbs-up’ to the young captains. Now and then a boat falters, engine splutters, but ne’er you mind, help is close by. Grandpas and dads rush to the aid. And, all is well.

Young mums push strollers as their gurgling, chuckling babies merrily eye butterflies flitting among flowers.

Ah, the flowers grow there in beds encircling the lake, in striking colours and magnificent hues of every colour of the spectrum.

Toddlers waddle about in the grass, stooping now and again, to pluck the pretty daisies.

Teenage boys energetically kick footballs hither and thither, eager to score that precious goal. While the girls exchange news and views, they keep a close watch on bumblebees buzzing nearby.

Children run helter-skelter for ice-cream. Grasping cones and ice lollies, they scream joyfully, as they cool themselves with their favourite dessert.

Young and old alike, mums and dads, grannies and grandpas, the girls and boys, they all, in their own way, enjoy themselves. Bliss.

Soon, the sun begins to set. The sky becomes a shade darker. And as the day draws to a close, everyone heads for home.

Aye, it has been a warm, happy day, indeed.

… My friends, I hope this post warmed your hearts – just a friendly, kindly embrace to let you know that I’m thinking of you…be safe. God bless.

Maloquacious © 2012

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  1. Beautiful post! Your friends are really to have a friend like you, who is caring so much for them.
    This post is just like a poetry; it flows so smoothly and pleasantly, with each word & with each line.

    And thanks a lot for saying so many good things about me & my blog. I am touched,


  2. Congrats on getting an award!
    Anyway, very nicely written. Sounds like quite a nice day. Except for the bees. I’ve never been stung, but I don’t trust those tiny, fuzzy monsters. My day wouldn’t be quite so interesting. It would involve video games and other such things you can do at home. I suppose I could always join the ducks at the lake for breadcrumbs, though.


    • Thanks much, Duck! Yes, I’m always very careful of the little buzzing creatures…and I am certain the ducks will very graciously welcome you into their fold.. 🙂


  3. Congratulations on the Award Maleeha…richly deserved 🙂

    Why, you are quite the poet Maleeha…beautifully written…almost like a painting…which is how my mind’s eye saw it…lovely…God bless…

    Many thanks for brightening, cheering and warming up the day 🙂


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