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Angry birds?


Good morning!

I am out and about among the flowers and trees, the warbling birds and the buzzing bees. With a hop, a skip and a jump—plus a wee stretch of warming up exercises—I begin my daily walk.

Joggers, pink and white, feel light upon my feet. I take in the crisp, cool air; a gentle spring at every step. Briskly, I stride, resolute and firm, and with a cheery smile, I’m on my way. Treading carefully on the kerb, I cross the road and enter the park. Read the rest of this entry

A warm, happy day


What a wonderful day it is today! Ha, I’m not just talking about the weather but I just heard from my friend Arindam…and he’s brightened up my day even more.

Why? How? I will let you know that in a minute. First, let me tell you a bit about him. He’s a fellow blogger, a writer who writes with amazing descriptive power, speaks from the heart and shares his world with everyone.

Arindam awarded me with the ‘Kreativ Blogger Award’ …thanks oodles, Arindam, for this beautiful award…I am touched and so honoured. Bless you!

I always enjoy reading his blog – Being Arindam – and I am sure you all will too. Arindam, I wish you the very best and may you keep on blogging!

… And now, the following is a post especially written for my friends who are living where the temperatures are freezing; where the thick blanket of snow has enveloped their environment and icy frost and sleet hail down upon them.

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