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The WordPress Family Award



Two years. Yes, it has been two years since I began my blog. I love blogging! I never realised what fun it could be….I owe it all to my daughter who encouraged me and set the ball rolling. Love you, girl! *mwah*

Today, I am delighted to say that I have made many, many new friends through my blog. Each one has his/her own distinct style of writing – deep, philosophical; light, humorous; moving, inspirational; instructive, educational – and I value them all. Warm hugs.

But hang on a sec. Let me first tell you why I am floating on cloud nine. OK. I am extremely chuffed to announce that I have been presented with the WordPress Family Award…wow! Oui. *big grin*

My friend Duck of The Duck of Indeed has blessed me with this award and I am so very grateful and honoured…thanks, friend!

This award pertains to those who have had an impact on our WordPress experience…our WordPress ‘family’, if you will.  And to quote Duck: “I have met a bunch of great bloggers here, and their support is what keeps me blogging.  Thank you all.”

Most certainly, yes!

And now, the big moment has finally arrived where I happily nominate the following blogs for the WordPress Family Award…







Muchas congratulations to all of you!

Wishing bloggers everywhere, more power and punch to their keyboards… Happy Blogging, amigos!

Maloquacious © 2013

One Lovely Blog Award



Oh, how lovely! I have been presented with the One Lovely Blog Award by none other than my lovely friend Duck of Duck of Indeed. Duck, may you be blessed with a gigantic pond and a big shower of lovely fresh pieces of bread! Yayyy. Thanks much.

Now, there’s a huge responsibility associated with this coveted…er, well yes, correct, this coveted award, and here are the rules…

  • Thank the one that nominated you.
  • Put up the picture for the One Lovely Blog Award.
  • Tell everyone seven things about yourself.
  • And nominate seven other people and tell them in their blogs that you nominated them.

Okies. I have already done Rule 1 and Rule 2. Check. Now for the seven things about myself. Hmm. Tricky. But here goes…

1.  I’m the crazy aunt everyone warned you about!

2.  I love chocolate. Chocolate comes from cocoa which comes out of a tree. That makes it a plant. Therefore, chocolate counts as salad. The end.

3.  I think sharks aren’t so bad… If a stranger entered my house wearing only a speedo, I would probably attack him too.

4.  I have learnt that unless life also hands you water and sugar, your lemonade is gonna suck. For sure.

5.  I always, always do good. One good turn…..gets most of the blanket. (guffaw)

6.  I have come to realise that the world can be amazing when you’re slightly strange. Or different. Because then you’re special. Special with a capital ‘W’ …. W E I R D.

7.  Finally… Be someone’s crazy aunt. Or uncle. Or grandma. Or, just plain crazy.

Phew. That made me think. A lot. But now you know me. A lot. Big grin.

I now crown the following blogs with the One Lovely Blog Award…








Congratulations! Continue writing your winning posts to delight us, inform us and entertain us. God bless!

Maloquacious © 2013

The Sunshine Blogger Award






I am chuffed to bits and so grateful for the Sunshine Blogger Award. My fellow blogger Duck of The Duck of Indeed, did me the honour of presenting me with this fabulous award. God bless you, Duck!

Merci beaucoup, Duck, je suis tres heureux!

So, there are now a few things I must do.  They are:

  • Include the award logo in a post or on the blog
  • Include a link to the person who nominated you
  • Write 10 random things about yourself
  • Nominate ten other bloggers who “positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere”, plus let them know you nominated them

Done the first two… Kudos! Now 10 random things about me.  So here goes…

1.   I love listening to music while I write.

2.   I enjoy long walks in windy weather.

3.   Memories make me smile.

4.   I am a big fan of  ‘According to Jim’ …hilarious!

5.   Adore watching movies.

6.   Forever jotting down beautiful quotes.

7.   My weakness.. CHOCOLATE.

8.   My strength.. my willpower!

9.   Am incredibly grateful for all my blogger friends…long may you write!

10. I am truly blessed to have great friends and my wonderful family…including my gorgeous daughter and son – thank You!

Phew. That was all about me. And now, I am going to nominate 10 other bloggers for the Sunshine Blogger Award:











Do visit these blogs, such gems!

My hearty congrats to all the bloggers mentioned above.

In the end, thanks again, Duck.


Maloquacious © 2013

The Gift of Friends and a Blog Award


via alansgraphics.com

Hope you’re all having a super fantastic 2012, and, here’s hoping, also, that you’re sticking to your list of New Year resolutions.

My last year’s resolution was to get off all social network sites and to finally get a life…but that only lasted a couple of days. No surprise. Therefore, this year I have kept my NY resolution short, simple and sweet — ‘I want to be the best ME I can possibly be!’ So, fingers crossed.

As we celebrate, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for reading my blog. It’s much appreciated!

I truly value your comments, feedback and your visits to Maloquacious. Friends, family, fellow bloggers… Bless you.

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