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Befuddled feathered folk


Courtesy of E.M


Two birds wandered along a path, a-waddling;

As feathered folk often do.

“Quack”, said one, “Quack,” again, said he, a-dawdling;

As daydreamers often do.


“Jack,” said Mac, the other bird, a-jostling;

“What think ye of us?” he asked, as wise ones often do.

Looking up, he spied the sun and clouds a-bustling;

In windy weather, as they often do.


“Ah,” said Jack to Mac, squawked he, a-lumbering;

As befuddled folk often do.

“Dun-no”, cackled Jack, “Dun-no,” along the path a-swaggering;

With brows puckered, as the baffled often do.


Mac looked at Jack, Jack looked at Mac, and Jack winked;

As funny bunnies often do.

“After all these years of waddling, dawdling, jostling, bustling,

Lumbering, swaggering, I still dunno…….”


“Are we ducks, swans or geese?

Do tell me, please!”


Maloquacious © 2019

Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes


Oh dear. As soon as my last post appeared, I was bombarded with emails, messages and phone calls from readers (friends and family included) telling me that I was oh-so wrong about the snow dancing its last waltz!

Courtesy of N.G

Courtesy of N.G

“Hold on a sec,” remarked a dear friend, “we are braced for a catastrophic snow storm and you’re dreaming of the last waltz? Which world are you living in!”

Clearly, in a tropical world. And NOT in a ‘snowflakes-that-stay-on-my-nose-and-eyelashes’ zone, where temperatures dive deep below freezing point. Obviously, my weather antenna is all haywire.


So now in appreciation of their heroic efforts in battling the snow, I decided to include here certain photos which they sent to me as proof. I am happy to add that they readily permitted me to share these shots of the incredible scenes through my blog. Perhaps as evidence towards my guilt, eh? Haha. Anyway, a great big ‘thank you all!’

Courtesy of S.N

Courtesy of S.N

They say a picture speaks volumes. Just look at all that snow! Brr.

Courtesy of F.M-G

Courtesy of F.M-G

And finally, dear reader, wherever you dwell, please be safe, stay well and God bless.

Maloquacious © 2013

A speech sans humour is like a computer without a byte


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I don’t know about you, but I don’t like listening to long speeches, especially the ones that are full of data, stats and numbers. So, in order to captivate my interest, a speech must be witty, inspiring, motivating, interesting and most of all, humorous.

Therefore, if you’re planning to write one sans humour then count me out. You certainly won’t see me sitting in the front row. I want a speech that is funny—as in ‘funny ha-ha’. Yes, I want a giggle and a titter, a guffaw is most welcome. Are you with me or not?

Moreover, please do not bore me by rattling of ratios or babbling up percentages. Citing laws and levies also, is much too taxing for my little grey cells. Duh.

However, if you must, then sprinkle (please!) all this dreadfully-boring-but-informative stuff with a bit of wit, a dab of ‘funny ha-ha’ anecdotes plus oodles and oodles of humour. For then, assuredly, I will happily digest it all, but without that indigestion of the surplus tedium.

Now, down to brass-tacks. Ready, eh?

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Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about…


What is life?

Now before you start philosophically wrestling about what life is, stop right here! Because I’m just skimming the surface, pal—like a pebble whizzing rapidly, but ever so markedly, over the water.

Moreover, as Oscar Wilde would say “Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about.”

I agree with Mr Wilde. But here let me make one thing clear. I do not wish to make light of life’s tragedies (after all, we all have our share of the ups and downs), it’s just that I like to dwell on its humourous aspect.

In life, when things go wrong as they sometimes will,

And the road you’re climbing seems all uphill,

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