There’s No Business Like Snow Business


Courtesy of N.M

Yes. Indeed. There’s no business like snow business….

There’s no business like snow business like no business I know
Everything about it is freezing, everything that woollies will allow
Nowhere could you get that icy feeling when you are feeling that extra snow

There’s no people like snow people, they grimace when they are low
Even with a snowman that you know will melt, you will be stranded out in the cold
You would exchange it for a sack of sunshine, let’s NOT go on with the snow

There’s no business like snow business and I tell you it’s so
Travelling through the country is so killing, standing outside on snowy nights
Frowning as you watch the garden, and there’s your car nowhere in sight

Yesterday they told you that Spring is near, that night it snowed and there you are
Next day on your sleigh they’ve hung a snowball, let’s not go on with the snow!!

Recited to the tune of ‘There’s No Business Like Show Business’ by Irving Berlin.

And so the snow continues… Brr!



Maloquacious © 2014

8 responses »

    • Thank you, Ronnie. And I must say that I too, love this tune. It’s so catchy. Haha, I think my little grey cells were working over-time when I thought of this idea! 😀


  1. Great poem! We don’t have any snow here (yay!) and I am welcoming the feeling of spring. But we did watch Frozen with the kids last night. Have you seen it? It’s a great movie — even for grown-ups!


    • Thank you! No, Melissa, I haven’t watched ‘Frozen’ but I intend to as I’ve heard a lot about it. I enjoy all the ‘Ice Age’ movies…am so impressed by all that imagination and creativity – utterly enchanting! 🙂


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