Down By The River

Courtesy of S.Q

Courtesy of S.Q

I’m sailing down the river

Delightful, yes I know…

The sun is shining brightly

And the gentle wind does blow.

My hair is all awry

Defiant curls tousle all about…

Methinks they protest, just a wee

But heck, those cares I toss straight out!

For I am to enjoy this sunny day

To smile away the frowns…

As today, I wish to think of Peace

And not, of my ups and downs.

I see the trees on either side

Green, lush, so full of life…

Swaying slowly, gently bowing

Thanking Him for giving life.

The sky is blue, light and clear

No dark clouds, no tempest seen…

Embrace the pleasures of this fine day

Its beauty… Ah, the splendour so serene!

The ripples on the river

Artistically, bob here and there…

As the boat sails on by slowly

Happily, bearing its precious ware.

Excited faces all around me

Grinning, from ear to ear…

Like me, they too, decided

To toss away their fears.

Today, we are grateful, most thankful,

“Oh, yes!”  we loudly say…

We thank You, Lord, with all our heart

For the blessing of this day!

Maloquacious © 2014


7 responses »

  1. Beautiful poem. Yes we need to thank god for every breath we take, for every moment of happiness and peace coming our way. The beauty of life remains in appreciating whatever coming our way.


    • Thank you for the appreciation, Arindam! Indeed, we have so many blessings daily, big and small, that at times we forget to thank Him. The beauty of life is Gratitude.. 🙂


    • Melissa, thank you indeed for the kind words, so chuffed that you especially enjoyed these lines! Have a day of beautiful blessings and smile, for His radiance shines on you.. 🙂


  2. Nice poem. Lately, there’s been some bizarre things going on in my life, and the stress over it got to me for quite some time. Recently, though, I was finally able to make these worries go away and feel at peace, and this poem makes me think of that. I will just throw my worries away into the river, and then they’ll be too soggy to bother me anymore. The lines below describe it perfectly.

    “As today, I wish to think of Peace, and not, of my ups and downs.”

    We always must just think of the good things that are happening to us and not the bad, or else it’s impossible to even enjoy the good.


    • Aww. Hope you’re feeling better now, Duck. Thank you, I feel so happy that my poem cheered you up, may your spirits be high and your worries cease! Yes, think positive…and stay cheery, my friend.. God bless. 🙂


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