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Yours truly…


Life is all about enthusiasm. It bubbles up from within and comes from the very soul and spirit of a person. Loving life and being grateful for every breath keeps the energy sizzling in the veins, regardless of age. Ha, dear August, with blessings from Him, I celebrate my fiftieth birthday.

Being a woman, I cherish my privacy and the right to keep my age a secret. I’m so glad it wasn’t fan-fared around the globe. Only my immediate family members are aware of the milestone I’ve reached; old school friends and college pals have been sworn to secrecy. No matter what, they will never tell.

However, the family doctor knows my age. I don’t worry too much about that since dear old doc is only interested in my blood pressure and blood count. Nothing romantic there. Besides, his hippocratic oath forbids him to divulge patient’s history to anyone unless it’s a matter of life and death. So, thankfully, the info is safe…..for now.

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