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A smiley a day keeps Grumpy away


Alpha likes hazelnut ice-cream. I like smilies.. 🙂

A smiley by Pumbaa, drawn using a text editor.

Image via Wikipedia

Bravo likes blueberry muffins. I like smilies.. 😀

Charlie likes steak ‘n chips. I like smilies.. 😆

So now you know everything you wanted to know about me but were afraid to ask. 😛 I’m just bombastically crazy about smilies. Full stop.

Exactly, what is a smiley?

The Oxford Dictionary tells us the meaning of ‘smiley’ – It is a simple picture of a smiling face that is drawn as a circle with two eyes and a curved mouth.

It goes on to say that these symbols are used in email or text messages to show that the person sending the message is pleased or joking. 😮

Wiktionary says that smiley means cheerful and happy; smiling.

Whereas Wikipedia enlightens by giving us the added information that the smiley first appeared in 1963.

Never one to miss a party, Google goes one step further and offers a delightfully madding display of these dazzling beauties right here.. 😎

These zany yellow smilies are featured with big grins, cheeky winks, dark shades, 👿 devilish ears, green-eyed :mrgreen: , teary-eyed and boggle-eyed. 😯 Among my favourites is the one with two little red hearts on the forehead. Look it up, check it out. Too cute.

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