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Angry birds?


Good morning!

I am out and about among the flowers and trees, the warbling birds and the buzzing bees. With a hop, a skip and a jump—plus a wee stretch of warming up exercises—I begin my daily walk.

Joggers, pink and white, feel light upon my feet. I take in the crisp, cool air; a gentle spring at every step. Briskly, I stride, resolute and firm, and with a cheery smile, I’m on my way. Treading carefully on the kerb, I cross the road and enter the park. Read the rest of this entry

Of leaves, brown, yellow, orange, russet and bronze…


Cuddled up in blue jacket, woolies and a sky-blue pashmina, I step out into the crisp autumn air. Brrr. It bites into my fingers and I shove my hands deep into my pockets.  Tucking the scarf snug around my chin, I trudge on.

Clouds menacingly swirl about. Trees sway from side to side, shedding leaves at each bough (pun intended) and curtsy. Even birds are not taking a chance out in this gusty weather. Where are my feathered friends?

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