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L’affaire d’amour with Monsieur Fromage


I’m all starry-eyed. Yes, I am. Forget Mr Right, I’ve found Mr Cheese aka Monsieur Fromage. I’ve discovered new horizons that tickle my fancy and stir up my soul. Yes, if cheese be the food of love, play on, maestro

I love Cheese. Aye, the Cheese that is the very essence of cholesterol. But shush, not a word to dear doc. I’m definitely not sharing my happy news with him…as yet. If ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise (or dead). Okay. I promise to stay within limitations. But, as they say, joy knows no bounds.

And, so—as Sandie Shaw rightly serenaded, ‘Love is just like a merry-go-round‘—I shall remain, as long as I can, head over heels, and completely intoxicated.

Many handsome cheeses have warmed my heart, ’tis true, tempted my spirit, whilst some, alas, beguiled my trusting soul. Therefore, I shall name, but just a few.


A small Edam cheese and a cheese-slicer.

Image via Wikipedia

Too aged, rather yellowish in complexion. A good traveller, but slightly nutty and salty. Quite sharp and firm, therefore, a wee bit unfriendly. Always wore a coat of red, day and night, night and day…most irritating. Good bye, Edam.


Gouda Slice

Image by Marcus Hamaker via Flickr

What a strange orangish complexion? Apparently, with age does become sweeter, tinged by caramel (now that, I adore). Spoke excellent Dutch. Confessed that a cousin ‘Stinging nettle cheese’, or “Brandnetelkaas” is a gouda that contains stinging nettles. Oh? Ouch. Best to keep away. Afscheid.


Stilton Cheese

Image by formalfallacy @ Dublin (Victor) via Flickr

Very English, with impeccable grammar. Oddly enough, wafted a strong smell, and sported a rather strange blue complexion. Had delicate blue veins radiating from the centre…centre of what, I have yet to find out. Always munching at celery and biting into pears…the ‘crunch-crunch’ drove me bonkers/bananas.

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