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Slimy-cor-blimey Spooks are about!


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Look out! Watch out! Mind out!
Slimy-cor-blimey Spooks are about.

Witches fly, and snakes a-slither;
Ghouls glide, skim hither-thither.

Creepy-crawlies! Yikes! Shiver me timber!
Scorpions! Centipedes! Gosh, how they limber!

Cobwebs! Spiders! Ants, and what-not;
‘tis a trap, be warned, a bait, to catch us lot.

Asudden, Ghosts pop up – a deadly shock!
Be wary! Alert! Just toss ‘em a rock.

Ravens and crows, go flap a-screeching;
Bats and vampires, go bite a-bleeding.

Darkness, scary shapes….and eerie sounds;
Odours most foul, waft in the grounds.

Rattling bones, skinny skeletons, bulging eyeballs;
Jangling chains, roaches – but shush! I hear phone calls.

Hello? The telephone line crackles,
Oh no! The head wicked witch cackles…

Whaaat?? Warty’s keen to know: “Trick or Treating?”
Who, me? I fire back: “Ha! Safe in bed a-sleeping!”


Maloquacious © 2017

The Midnight Prowler


I enjoy poetry. I like the imagery it evokes and the magic it creates. Poems are humorous, full of wit and giggles. Poems teach and enlighten. And, poems touch hearts.

Now and again, I dabble in a bit of poetry. Piddlyzogg is one such creation. It’s fun to play around with words, getting them to rhyme together—oui, mon ami, word juggling can be heaps of fun!

The following is a poem which I wrote while in college. It earned me a prize. I remember feeling quite chuffed about it. Indeed, my Oscar moment! Moreover, it greatly encouraged me to write further. And for that, I am most grateful. Enjoy…

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The Midnight Prowler

It was cold, windy and ‘twas dark

Nothing was heard, but a dog’s bark.

In the night stood a dark figure

Then it moved towards the door.

Inside the room, he quietly crept

With bated breath at every step.

He searched for it, it must be found! Read the rest of this entry