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Home alone with me, myself and I


Personal collection of M.A.Q.


Well, here I am. Staying at home. Like a good little girl.

Travelling from room to room, noticing things that I never actually ‘noticed’ before. Such as…

… That there are blah-blah tiles in the kitchen.

… That no matter how many times I open the fridge, fairy godmother isn’t going to gift me chocolates and ice cream.

… That the painting in the lounge is hanging crooked.

… That sweeping rooms is backbreaking. Totally.

… That when I am hungry, I, myself, must cook as ordering outside food is a big No-No.

… That I am playing Scrabble and Boggle most of the time. By myself.

… That I tend to video call my friends at odd times…. one chum was even in the shower. OMG.

… That dusting rooms is a daily task.

… That I mostly forward humorous posts on WhatsApp… basically to make myself laugh and smile.

… That I am becoming rather sick of receiving videos about the Coronavirus.

… That I love my family and friends. Most of all, I absolutely adore my grandchildren.

… That I endeavour to be positive, tossing aside negativity, and thus raising my spirits.

… That I am constantly thinking of the Almighty, while reciting His prayers.

… That I feel I have become a better person, by strengthening my faith.

… That I never take anything or anyone for granted anymore, but display enormous Gratitude.

… That I realise that what He really wants is for mankind to be more patient, tolerant, kind and compassionate.

“Enough is enough!” He declared;

“I am much greater than your arrogance, evilness and greed!” He thundered.

And, then…

He showed us all … by unleashing His almightiness, His supremacy, His invincibility.

… And man proved powerless, frail and weak.


Maloquacious © 2020

Happiness is a bowl of fresh berries

Courtesy of N.G

Courtesy of N.G

Oh, gosh! My room’s a mess
I am in a total distress.

The cat’s done another ‘oopsie’
Do it again, feline, and you’ll get a ‘whoopsie’.

Dog, the obedient, doesn’t dare,
Have already given him an icy stare.

Laptop, again, conked out
For that I give a nasty shout.

Telly’s on the blink
Uff, I just cannot think.

Window shutters are rattling
The latches are battling.

I surrender, and flop on to my bed
Staring at the ceiling, I rest my head.

I wonder, and ponder, and, thrice, wonder
I think, and think, and simply wonder.

The walls begin to close in, I feel suffocated
What? Is the ceiling collapsing, am I intoxicated?

Perhaps pixies, gremlins and the mischievous fairy
Have caused all this havoc ? Help! They’re out to get me?

Ye gods, I don’t trust them nor their pixie dust
With that magic, they can do a lot…they got guts.

So, out the room, I pronto jump, in total distress
Down the stairs, I whizz, gosh, am I in a mess!

Breathe, breathe, my guru yoga always instructed
Beneath the tree I now sit, feeling a wee bit protected.

When stress spills over and the worries don’t abate
It’s because the system needs a break, so it’s time to meditate.

Be happy, don’t worry! Let not tensions nest in your head
Forget the past, trust the future, and in the present, walk on ahead.

Indeed, breathe in, breathe out…inhale, exhale – repeat
And if like me, you find a berry on the bush nearby – eat!

Happy strawberries, blueberries, cherries and blackberries
Pick and pluck what you love. My happy heart’s in raspberries!

Maloquacious © 2015