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And miles to go before I sleep

    img_2448Courtesy of S.K.A

I just adore travelling! .. Don’t you?

Bags are packed. I’m on my way.

Where am I going? .. Do you know?

I don’t but.. .. Perhaps, you might.

Anyway, I’m all set, and ready to go.

The sun is shining. .. Do you know why?

The beautiful, wandering clouds pass by.

Oh, I love them! .. What about you?

I feel the blood ecstatically rushing through my veins.

My mind’s agog with the adrenaline, gushing through my body.

Excitement. Thrills. Adventures. .. Do you feel the same?

The cool air tingles, the gentle breeze whispers.

Oh, I say, what a merriment of the senses! .. Do you not agree?

The majestic sight of snow-clad mountain peaks;

The exhilarating scents of freshly mown grass;

The soft cooing of the peaceful doves;

The cool taste of the luscious ice cream, tickling the palate;

Ah, the welcome of the invigorating fresh air as it embraces!

Did you feel that?

Did you?




Pause … Reflect …

And me?


I feel a feel, a funny feel

A funny feel, feel I

And if you feel, the feel I feel

You’ll feel the same as I.


’tis true.


Do come along with me, my friend,

Join me in my travels.

There’s oodles to do, many places to go

Let me tell you the reason why.

The world is lovely, dark and deep,

But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep,

And miles to go before I sleep.

Sounds familiar, eh?


Maloquacious © 2016

Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes


Oh dear. As soon as my last post appeared, I was bombarded with emails, messages and phone calls from readers (friends and family included) telling me that I was oh-so wrong about the snow dancing its last waltz!

Courtesy of N.G

Courtesy of N.G

“Hold on a sec,” remarked a dear friend, “we are braced for a catastrophic snow storm and you’re dreaming of the last waltz? Which world are you living in!”

Clearly, in a tropical world. And NOT in a ‘snowflakes-that-stay-on-my-nose-and-eyelashes’ zone, where temperatures dive deep below freezing point. Obviously, my weather antenna is all haywire.


So now in appreciation of their heroic efforts in battling the snow, I decided to include here certain photos which they sent to me as proof. I am happy to add that they readily permitted me to share these shots of the incredible scenes through my blog. Perhaps as evidence towards my guilt, eh? Haha. Anyway, a great big ‘thank you all!’

Courtesy of S.N

Courtesy of S.N

They say a picture speaks volumes. Just look at all that snow! Brr.

Courtesy of F.M-G

Courtesy of F.M-G

And finally, dear reader, wherever you dwell, please be safe, stay well and God bless.

Maloquacious © 2013