O Willow Tree Weep NOT For Me

Courtesy of S.Q

Courtesy of S.Q


Weep not for me, O Willow Tree, ‘tis you I do implore,

Weep for those unblessed world regions, where humanity is no more.

Where, in senseless wars, horrifically, brothers execute brothers,

And elsewhere, yes, unbelievably, crazed brothers slay their sisters.

Where, also, so ashamedly, there is no tolerance, no patience, no compassion,

Only pride, arrogance, sanctimony, hypocrisy – Oh, Sanity, what happened to loving passion?

Families, countless, shattered; their dwellings, annihilated,

Womenfolk savagely tortured, battered and violated.

Weep on, O Willow Tree, for those innocent babes, yet to be born,

What? Aghast! Is the ‘Charter of  Human Rights’, all ripped and torn?

Sense the anguish, O Willow Tree, of screeching wails and deafening shrieks,

Note the poverty, the helplessness, the filth and dreaded disease.

O Willow Tree, you bow and weep, while the feeble try to sleep,

With depressed, rugged faces, their spirits scarred so deep.

Young and old alike, all crave a warm, safe embrace; a gentle, kindly smile,

Peace is what they pine for; security, utmost, they yearn for – Oh, Mercy, do end this tormenting trial!

Hence, once again, I do implore thee…

O Willow Tree, weep NOT for me.

Just look at the world – its chaos, turmoil, havoc and cruelty,

O Willow Tree, can’t you see? The world – itself – it weeps for me and thee.


Maloquacious © 2014



12 responses »

    • I wholeheartedly agree with you, Judy, I too wish that everyone would realise – and freely accept – that we are all God’s children and that He loves each and everyone of us, irrespective of caste, colour and creed. So why can’t WE??
      Many thanks for your thought-provoking comment, Judy. God bless and take care.. 🙂


    • Thanks so much, Danny, for reading my blog, I greatly appreciate it! You enjoyed my poem – am thrilled, thank you for your comment. God bless! 😊


    • You’re welcome, Rox, thanks much for the feedback! So glad you enjoyed the poem, I wanted to jot down all the emotions felt by a lot of us. God bless everyone. Peace! 😊


    • Yes, please do, Romina, I’m honoured! Thank you so much for taking time out to read my blog, I am so chuffed you liked my post. Take care.. 😊


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