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The WordPress Family Award



Two years. Yes, it has been two years since I began my blog. I love blogging! I never realised what fun it could be….I owe it all to my daughter who encouraged me and set the ball rolling. Love you, girl! *mwah*

Today, I am delighted to say that I have made many, many new friends through my blog. Each one has his/her own distinct style of writing – deep, philosophical; light, humorous; moving, inspirational; instructive, educational – and I value them all. Warm hugs.

But hang on a sec. Let me first tell you why I am floating on cloud nine. OK. I am extremely chuffed to announce that I have been presented with the WordPress Family Award…wow! Oui. *big grin*

My friend Duck of The Duck of Indeed has blessed me with this award and I am so very grateful and honoured…thanks, friend!

This award pertains to those who have had an impact on our WordPress experience…our WordPress ‘family’, if you will.  And to quote Duck: “I have met a bunch of great bloggers here, and their support is what keeps me blogging.  Thank you all.”

Most certainly, yes!

And now, the big moment has finally arrived where I happily nominate the following blogs for the WordPress Family Award…







Muchas congratulations to all of you!

Wishing bloggers everywhere, more power and punch to their keyboards… Happy Blogging, amigos!

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