October, shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?

Courtesy of S.Q

Courtesy of S.Q

A long, long time ago, Year had twelve little ‘uns,

January, February, March, April and May,

June, July, August, September and October…phew!

November, and finally, thank goodness, the last, December.

Now each one, Momma trained them well,

With patience, wisdom and a deep understanding.

Each babe/month, portrayed, a character unique,

Personalites, they differed in features and traits.

Some months were gentle, a few, blooming, and a couple, wee frosty,

But one was a rebel, wreaking havoc and chaos, such turmoil!

Aye, that would be October…yes, the naughty little imp!

Because every time he’d say “Fall!”, the leaves all shook.

Trembling……they’d change from greens to bronzes, russets and yellow,

Ochres, maroons, mustards and browns.

In cahoots with Gusty he was, that gutsy, strong wind,

Together, they’d whizz and whistle through branches and bowers.

Causing leaves to swirl and twirl, all frantic, in endless frenzy,

Zipping here, swishing there, forming teeny-weeny tornadoes.

Yet harmless and friendly, was the duo—Gusty and ‘Tober,

Declaring, “We just want a little fun!”

And so it’s true, it really is…

You only need to look around and see…

That although they act in such a manner,

The colourful beauty created is truly enchanting—and oh-so magical!

Maloquacious © 2013


4 responses »

    • 😀 Spot on, Ronnie! With the changing of the guards (leaves), the urge to give vent to potent poetic power lava-ingly erupts! Need I say like a volcano?? 😆 Thanks much for appreciating!


  1. Nice poem. I love fall. It’s starting to get cool, but it’s not yet cold.

    If someone had 12 kids, they really should name them after the months of the year. If they had 7, they should name them after the days of the week. I suppose with 4 kids, you could name them after the seasons. I like such names. Though, I don’t think a kid would really like being named November or Saturday, but at least few others would have it.


    • Ooh, so happy to read this, Duck, ta! 🙂 Yes, imagine someone named Winter…cool guy; a name with Summer…yep, really hot! 😉 Kudos to your wit and creativity!


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