Beneath the tree I sit…

Courtesy of S.Q

Courtesy of S.Q

A new wind blows.

Direction shown.

Guidance given.

Hand firmly clasped.



The breeze brings relief,

Ah, so refreshing.




Beneath the tree I sit…

In silence.

With eyes shut,


Taking in the shower of blessings galore.

…Thank You, Lord, for all this and more!

Maloquacious © 2013

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  1. How nice. Lovely poem, and the picture is quite pretty, too. The shade of trees is one of the most restful things nature can offer I think, and it’s so simple, too. I always enjoy your poems. They are always good for putting the duck in a good mood.


    • I know, Duck, I too love the shade of trees…so peaceful, calm and soothing. I am chuffed oodles that you enjoy my poems…merci! I do try to make them inspiring and put in a bit of bucking-up too.. 🙂


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