Courtesy of S.Q

Courtesy of S.Q

Today is 12.12.12 –  the last of the repeating dates this century. People the world over are celebrating this significant date, and commemorating it with special events. But one boy has something extra special to celebrate.

Corey Smith will celebrate a momentous coincidence as he turns 12 at 12 today – 12.12.12. Born in 2000 at 12 noon, this young boy awaits the incredulous moment. Wow.

As we make note of this day, let us take a minute to reflect on life. Young or old, we are happy to be alive. We are thankful to Him for this day…for all the blessings we have enjoyed. Certainly, we are grateful for even the ups and downs because they have made our journey all the more interesting.

Adversities make us stronger. The knocks and tumbles are there to steer us and direct us in the right direction. Friends and family give us the love and support to help us overcome such obstacles. We give gratitude for our parents…God bless them for their unconditional love.

With strong faith and deep trust in Him, hurdles are cleared and barriers broken down. We need not worry for an answer to our prayers. Just have patience and always remember He is near: “Trust in My timing for My timing is perfect. Just let Me do My job.” When the moment is right, it will happen.

Agreed, the climb can be tough; the tumble, rough. All the waiting and being patient is too trying. But getting through it all is reason enough to celebrate the new YOU – the more confident, capable and compassionate YOU. Compassionate? Yes. Since after having experienced similar trials and tribulations, one becomes more understanding and caring of others’ feelings.

On this day, let the universal spirit of togetherness unite everyone, irrespective of caste, colour or creed and let there be more tolerance, patience and forgiveness in the world.

Today, may you have luck and laughter on your side; may health and happiness be yours, and, if it snows, go out and build yourself a merry little snowman – Happy 12.12.12!

Maloquacious © 2012


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  1. We are lucky to live this day 12/12/12 as it only happens once in a century they say but how would the people know, in the next century that I was here this date….hmmmm let me think. Just give me a clue


    • I am sure the family will have painted the town red for their little boy…what a memorable occasion! As always, thanks for your support, Eleanor, and that bonny little snowman was built by my daughter…God bless her! 🙂


  2. For a while, I thought 12/12/12 was the day the world was apparently ending, but I think I was a bit off. I guess it was 12/21. We have a few days left, hee hee. How funny the boy is turning 12 at 12 on 12/12/12. Just think, if he was born in a different time zone, then he wouldn’t have been born at 12, but perhaps 11 or 1 instead.


    • Blimey, Duck! You comment has sooo many figures of 1s and 2s, my mind’s befuddled…you’ve boggled me, pal!
      PS. Good job the world didn’t end. Cheers.. 🙂


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