The perfect man

FROST. Courtesy of NY

FROST. Courtesy of NY

Yesterday, I surprised everyone. Even myself. I woke up at the crack of dawn. 10am. Even the fish were shocked out of their gills. For a sec they stopped breathing. I could tell. The bubbles had stopped.

Well, okay. I exaggerate. Guilty as charged. But………Gotcha!

The first rule in writing is to capture your reader’s attention. No matter how short the attention span. Still, some may stop reading at this point. No worries. However, if they use your page as ‘firewood’ to light their garbage then you have a BIG problemo. Si.

But, chances are that they are still reading. How do I know that? Because curiosity killed the cat. And let’s face it…not everyone is a Kool Kat, my friend. No kiddin’. And please don’t talk about dogs here. Thank you.

Speaking of kool cool, I genuinely feel for all those who are experiencing freezing temperatures. It was only when I saw my old pal Mr Snowman and his cronies appear here and there in the snow-clad cities that I had a memory jog. Whoosh! I was magically taken back to my childhood.

I still remember with vividness the sight of everything covered in white as I peeked out from my bedroom window. We siblings squealed in delight as we donned our woollies and speedily stepped into snug snowshoes. We dashed out the front door and a gust of bitterly cold air smacked us in the face. Undaunted, we bravely plodded on.

Yay! Hurrah. Thrill. Excitement. We tugged tighter at our mohair mittens, pulled our furry berets further down to cover the ears and twined and twisted scarves around to snuggle our chins. Brr. We froze. Yet we smiled. We were supremely happy.

Our eyes shone with smug satisfaction as we looked at the snowman we had built. He now wore a hat and scarf. Perfect. The perfect man – as we youngsters thought. Ah, the joys of childhood. Innocence. Sigh.

And, now that I am older I have learnt that there is no such thing as the perfect man. Sigh. Does he exist? Did he ever exist? You tell me.

Maloquacious © 2012


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  1. Yes, the perfect man DOES exist. Haven’t you ever seen a movie where the male lead makes our heart beat faster? Sure, it’s fantasy, and he’s speaking rehearsed lines written by someone else, but for the moment he sounds and looks like just what you’ve always looked for.


  2. This brings back such happy memories of winters in Vienna where we lived for several years…many thanks Maleeha…

    The perfect man…you ask a difficult question Maleeha…although it seems to me that fathers are often thought of as that, by adoring daughters…and I have been no exception to that…

    To put a twist to a joke doing the rounds on the Internet about the perfect woman…God promised  perfect men in every corner of the world….then, He made the world round…..:)


  3. As always your words took me to another world, where every thing is beautiful and peaceful. You are gifted with words as a writer.
    And I am still laughing on Shamaji’s joke. It was a real good one. And yes, I too believe that perfect men exist, but the problem is that no one has found them yet. 🙂


    • I’m so delighted that my writings have such an effect…God bless you, Arindam, for your kindness! About Mr Perfect…he still remains as elusive as the butterfly..


  4. Oh, my gosh! A flesh-eating zombie pigeon!

    Here’s my own attempt at capturing your attention. Did it work? I think I may’ve gone a bit overboard, though. Anyway, once there was so much snow in the front yard, me and a friend (I know that was improper grammar) dug these caves in the snow. We’d dig these big holes to kind of hide in, and we even made one that tunneled under a small bit of snow, but I think I was too afraid to climb through. It was a lot of fun. I’m surprised I never got frostbite from being in the snow so much.

    When it comes to perfect men, they may be as elusive as Bigfoot. We’ll have to keep looking. If we leave out video cameras and snacks, perhaps we’ll catch a glimpse of one. Hee hee.


    • Haha, you got me there, Duck… a flesh-eating zombie pigeon? Crikey. I was all set and ready to go get myself a gun when my eyes suddenly caught sight of your next line…haha, you clever duck! And, yes, the perfect man is as elusive as….your zombie pigeon. 😀


  5. Since we are human, and error prone, as we must well know, there is no perfection.
    Being perfect or imperfect is abstract – if we are good, better, best, it is only a question of degree, that changes with each second, as we are “mindful”, “thinking” human beings.
    Sorry ! no such thing as an ideal man or woman – it is only a perception, which may even change momentarily !
    Sometimes you may be changing even while you write – whatever you sow, you shall reap, so you create your own Good, Better, and your Best by coincidence – Good gamble. And No Sweat !!!!


    • Wise words, Lilian! As the old saying goes…beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder – same is the case with ‘perfection’ …it is only an ever-changing perception, so think what you will! 😉


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