These Bootees Are Made For Walking


Courtesy of A.L

In these beautiful, snow-white bootees

Walked my two gorgeous, delightful babies.

Mature adults they have now become,

I feel so proud to be their mum.

As babes, I gently taught them much;

Right from wrong, with a loving touch.

These bootees are made for walking, I told ‘em when they cried

The road is long, be not afraid, for He is by your side.

Walk tall, chin up, and be hard working,

Truthful, loyal, kind and caring.

As their mum, I tried my best,

To His grace, I left the rest.

For these children—precious gems of mine,

I thank Him, and pray He keeps them fine.

They’re still my babies, I love them oodles

They’ve done me proud, boodles and noodles!

Yes, one’s attained an MBA,

The other, has a PhD on the way!

Maloquacious © 2012

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    • Although we have many loved one’s around us all the time but If only we were given a choice to recall any of our loved one,s back to living after they have gone forever, most people will opt to have their mothers sent back to them. This is because it soon dawns that she was unique and could not be replaced.

      So cherish the moments while the bounty is dtill with you.

      Superb writting.


      • I am delighted to welcome you to my blog, thanks so much for reading and for your insightful comment…precious! God bless you.. 🙂


  1. Wow beautiful poem describing your journey as a mother. It’s wonderful that your children do not let you down. I wish and pray for many more success coming their way and happiness in your way. 🙂


    • Indeed, Arindam, I must thank Him for the blessings in my life…the journey has its ups and downs but it is, after all, a joyful, incredible adventure! Thanks for your good wishes.. 🙂


    • Thank you, dear Ronnie! To be honest, those smashing little bootees empowered me to dabble in poetry and give voice to the momma-ish feelings of my heart.. 🙂


  2. This poem is so precious and those booties are just gorgeous. The heart of the poem and the picture touches every mother’s heart. I was thinking the other day, that the best thing I ever taught my girls was the concept that “The road is long, be not afraid, for He is by your side,” and the best thing that I learned from raising them and “letting them go as adults,” was thanking Him, “and pray(ing) He keeps them fine.”

    Thanks for reminding us of that grace. ET


    • Gosh, thanks much, Eleanor, for such a generous compliment! In actual fact, this photo of the bootees (courtesy of a friend) spurred me on to pen my ‘momma-ish’ feelings, the emotions literally just poured out – akin the lava in a volcano just bursting to spill out! God bless mums everywhere and may their children be a source of pride and joy.. Amen.


  3. Nice poem. My favorite part is: “The road is long, be not afraid, for He is by your side.” Very inspiring and very true. We have nothing to worry about because God’s always here, though I continue to worry nonetheless. Shame those bootees are surely too small for them now. They were pretty.


    • “..though I continue to worry nonetheless.” Yeah, tell me about it. Duck, thrilled that you enjoyed the poem, thank you! By the way, bootees, washed and put away.. 😉


  4. What a beautiful poem Maleeha….full of love…inspiration…and pride….Mashallah you have every reason to be so proud of the people your babies have grown up to become…isn’t it just such a joy? Alhamdullillah …. Am so very happy for you…

    The bootees are absolutely fabulous…are they your children’s ?


    • Thanks so much, Shama, for the lovely comment! Yes, by the grace of God, my children are my pride and joy, and I am so very grateful.. My babies had similar bootees but without those delightful pearls! 😀


    • Si. I’m afraid that’s all the Italian I know, Carl, but I’m picking up a few words here and there for my blog. About those bootees…um, does that mean you like them? Si? 😕


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