Autumn Leaves


A cup of hot tea sits on the window sill. I lift it up and curl my fingers around it. My hands feel the swaddling warmth. Swirls of blistering steam spiral upwards. I see the wispy twirls then whizz out through the open window. I push the curtain aside. And take a deep breath, inhaling the crisp, cool morning air.

I take a peek outside. The scene before me excites my senses. The morning chill tingles my skin with goose bumps; my ears perk up to the outdoorsy sounds; I smell the fresh, clean air, and gladly eye the shower of leaves, fluttering about like snowflakes.

The sight delights me…enchants me. Yesterday’s green trees, today, proudly show off their majestic colours of gold, bronze, copper, russet, maroon, dark pinks and deep yellows. Autumn has arrived. Ah, the splendours of fall!

The kaleidoscope-like coloured leaves dance about in the breeze. Branches, bare and unadorned, sway back and forth as if forlorn, with open arms, imploring the foliage to return. Dusky pink and tawny ivy twine around tree trunks, tall and sedate. Autumnal coloured leaves polka-dot the grass like an artist’s palette.

I hear the crackle and crunch of leaves as people walk by. I watch children giggle and kick the autumnal leaves creating a chaos of colours on the kerb. The bush near the picket fence rustles as a gust of wind tosses its leaves like puppets on a string.

Courtesy of O.L

I note the beauty of the season and wonder. I wonder that just like the seasons, people too, have the ability to change—a change for the betterment. Turn over a new leaf. Be the best YOU that you can possibly be!

Someone once said: ‘The joy that the leaves bring to us while they are here in these stunning visual hues, twirling and turning in clownish folly, is spiritually symbolic, too, of the joy that God’s gifts of nature can bring to us. Gifts endless in measure, gifts that inspire, encourage, and assist us through this journey of life, and gifts that can help to increase our gratitude for the time that we, and others, have here on this Earth.’

How well said and so beautifully expressed! Therefore, be positive, compassionate, generous, forgiving, loving and kind…believe in yourself and know that you are unique and special…but most of all, be happy and content.

This is your gift to Him.

Maloquacious © 2012

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    • Yes, Ronnie, all around us is beauty but sadly, too many of us are in such a great hurry to get through life that we miss out on this. The colours of fall are simply magnificent! Thank you for reading.. 🙂


  1. I just love these colors. A couple of days earlier, my mother called me and said,”She loved seeing the color of the leaves during this season. I’ve never experienced the beauty of autumn in such a way in my part of world. So thanks a lot for sharing these pictures with so beautifully planted words of yours. Great post. 🙂


    • I’m so happy that you enjoyed my post…thank you. Yes, autumn is such an enchanting season because of its incredible colours. Just one leaf alone can reflect several shades of browns, yellows and reds! Hope you get to experience this delightful time of the year.. 😀


  2. Such enchantment in your words, Mal! While writing, I just noticed your tag cloud on the right and see that the word Gratitude is the biggest, the one used most often. You’re a wise person, and a blessed one, too! Thank you for being around.


    • Goodness, you say the sweetest things…thank you so much for your oh-so generous compliment! Here’s more gratitude from me… I’m so grateful for having re-connected with you and I can now, once more, enjoy the pleasure of reading/viewing your splendid blog and photography – God bless.. 🙂


  3. Reading this post, I feel I am there. It’s very comforting. I’m not a fan of orange, but it looks quite nice on leaves. Though, I prefer a nice cup of cold milk myself. I just don’t get along with hot beverages. I’ve been burned too many times, and now I fear I can trust the steamy drinks never again.


    • I think green is probably your colour because you use it a lot in your sketches…it looks rather nice. In fact I love the shade of green on your pic (gravatar?). Muchas gracias for reading and commenting, Duck.. 🙂


  4. What beautifullly captured colors of Autumn Maleeha…this is a season I really miss in Karachi…the colors change so easily and with such grace and therein lies a lesson for us too…

    A prayer I love is…
    What you are is God’s gift to you..
    What you make of yourself is your gift to God….

    Many thanks and God bless for this post…


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