I am your blessing, said the petal to the flower


Courtesy of A.L

I am your blessing, said the petal to the flower

Down in the countryside, deep in the garden

Is a bed of buds just waiting to blossom.

Whispering sounds of gentle breeze rustle all around,

The verdant grass, a welcome sight, its dewdrops glisten bright.

Radiantly, the sun now shines; the rains have played their part

But buds remain buds, unopened…just nodding up and down.

When suddenly, magically, abracadabra, appears a pretty petal,

One by one, the petals emerge, splashing colours ‘pon the green.

‘We are yours – your heavenly blessings,’ cry out the petals, loud and clear

Then, with grace and quiet dignity, all unite to form the flower.

Majestically, the garden blooms, trees and bushes come alive

Whilst from the stems so slender, top the flowers, as their crown

Contented, enriched, endowed, the flowers then realise

The petals surely are their blessings—oodles, countless; big and small.

And now, my friend, I ask you, pray pause a little while,

Take note, reflect, and understand how truly blessed we are.

Showered with His choicest, we’re enveloped by His love,

His garden’s rich in blessings, aye, abundant for us all.

Thus, it’s with our deepest gratitude that we so humbly bow,

His miracles, His healing – gifts most precious for us all.

Maloquacious © 2012

14 responses »

    • Thank you, Ronnie, I agree that summer is a razzmatazz of colours, I do love it so! But then Autumn has its own unique charm…enjoy the season with its beautiful shades of russets, bronze, teal and taupe.. 🙂


    • Always so lovely to hear from you, Shama…your kind words are greatly appreciated! Yes, this photo is so refreshing and invigorating…gorgeous blooms.. 🙂


    • You’re spot on about the petals, Carl, for certainly, our children and grandchildren are blessings. And you, my friend, are a gifted soul – just like a flower – blessed in many different ways.. God bless.. 🙂


    • Why thanks a bunch, Melissa, your lovely comment is highly appreciated! So very kind of you to pen your thoughts in such a delightful way.. Stay blessed! 🙂


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