Enjoy the beauty of the day


Courtesy of S.Q

Cheers! A new day awakens. Breathe in the freshness; take in the joy. Hail to the morning. Enjoy the sights and sounds…arise.

Let the melody of the merry birds, their twitter and tweet perk up your senses. Yes, for assuredly, the nattering and chattering of these feathered friends orchestrate a cheery welcome—an absolute, positive start to your day. So, hush. Just listen.

Slowly, soak in the serene surroundings. Observe the splendour of each new bloom; the excitement of buds, as they wait eagerly, for their petals to unfold.

See the rich foliage that envelops you from either side, the different shades of green. Look how the small bushes and tall trees team together to form a pretty sight. Your eyes crinkle as the sun rises, its rays shining, dancing, prancing and reflecting off from all the leaves—sycamore, oak, beech, horse chestnut—what a delight!

Barefoot, you take a step and feel the coolness of the grass, moistened by the morning dew. Daisies and buttercups grow sweetly on the green, as ladybirds and grasshoppers rest awhile amongst the perennial herbaceous dandelions…their seeds dispersing in the wind.

The breeze adds an extra special crispness to the air. It refreshes the soul. It arouses the senses. Blood rushes in your veins, urging you to act, compelling you to accomplish. You take a deep breath. Invigorated. Exhilarated. Inspired. Bold.

And as you turn to go indoors, you catch a glimpse of a butterfly fluttering nearby…as if to sprinkle happy blessings of encouragement and determination to your day.

Whilst, overhead, the clouds sail by, bowing in reverence to your strength, courage, fortitude and your positive spirit. With a head held high, and a dream in your heart, you are ready to face the challenge of a new day. Smile. Walk tall. And be happy.

Cheers, enjoy the beauty of the day…and God speed.

Maloquacious © 2012

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    • Thank you, Ronnie, and I can well imagine your beautiful garden thriving and flourishing under your good care.. Enjoy the beauty of the day, enjoy the splendour of the season.. 🙂


  1. That all sounds very nice, but I’m such a pessimist. My day goes: I step outside, it’s too warm and the sun’s too bright, I look at a pretty flower, until a bee comes out, and then I run from the bee, and then I get a sunburn. Hee hee, I’m much more an indoor person. I should appreciate the outdoors more, though. The problem is nature is missing TV and computers. Darn nature.


    • Haha, Duck, then we need to bring nature indoors for you minus the bees… Let me put my thinking cap on, but in the meantime, I send you floral blessings of peace and joy.. 😀


  2. What a soothingly beautiful picture to go with your lovely post Maleeha…being outdoors has a special place in my life too…the gifts of Mother Nature are so stunning and given so generously…the Good Lord be praised…

    It is Eid for you today…Eid Mubarak…may it be a time of great joys and blessings for you and yours…amen!

    God bless…


    • Thank you for the lovely prayer, Shama…so kind of you! I hope you too, had a wonderful, blessed Eid..

      My dear daughter took this photo at the Sandringham estate…a picture of peace and serenity.. 🙂


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