Big fish in a small pond


It all began with one small fish…a goldfish to be exact. It was love at first sight and my dear brother was smitten with the big bonny, beady eyes and the golden, flowing, spectacular robe of…err, let’s call her Goldilocks. And thus, began the love affair.

Goldilocks (the Queen, if you please) was put into a large aquarium—artistically designed, along with all the accompanying paraphernalia (befitting Her Majesty, oh gawdie), such as rocks, pebbles, gravel, shells, ferns, etc—and proudly placed in our home. La-di-da.

My besotted sibling devoted meticulous care to Goldie (as he oh-so lovingly called her), feeding her at regular times, and ensuring that the filter was in proper working order.

Then, brother dear decided to add more fish.

“The more the merrier!” he happily declared, as he watched the whole school swim hither and thither, and helter-skelter, above and below, behind and in front of the flora and fauna.

This scenario carried on for months. Brother madly doted on his fish. Yet, sadly, a couple of them died. Aww. RIP.

Sometime later, my brother had to travel out of town. So the shiny sheriff’s badge was pinned on me. The onus weighed heavily upon my delicate shoulders. It was nerve-wracking, to say the least. I was like a cat on a hot tin roof, with no appetite for fish.

But I bore the responsibility well. With pride, I can say that I worked above and beyond the call of duty. Fanfare please.

Religiously, I fed the fish on time. And I kept an eye on the filter, the temperature control and the lighting. But, oh dear, no matter how much I tried, I just couldn’t stop some fish from kicking the bucket. Sigh.

In fact, some mornings I’d dread looking at the aquarium for fear of seeing another dead body floating there, with eyes open, bulging out, looking wild, staring at me in a most accusing manner. Eww.

Brother dear returned home immediately when informed of the so-called tsumani-like situation, but then bossily behaved like Sherlock Holmes in search of the killer of his…err, fish. Needless to say, all fingers were pointed at me. Alas.

‘Dead men fish tell no tails tales’ as goes the old saying and I was banking on that. Darn.

Therefore, today, only four fish remain, namely, Tom, Dick and Harry, along with Goldie—whom I have now renamed Snow White, Snowy for short.

Why? Well, because, miraculously, her colour changed from golden to a pale white.

Why and how? Dunno. Don’t ask me. I’m no expert on fish…in case you didn’t know.

But one thing I certainly do know is that Snowy is a very sturdy fish—gills, scales, fins and all—and she swims and even sings her way about in the aquarium…

Sings? Yes.

Well, only last night when all was quiet and everyone had gone to sleep, I heard her sing her favourite song, ‘I will survive’…and in such a powerful voice that Tom, Dick and Harry, visibly shaken, went pronto scuttling, rather timidly, behind the rockery, and, very wisely, stayed there. Haha.

What? Believe not, you say? Well, actually, I knew this would be your reaction so that’s why I recorded her singing…so just listen…and enjoy!

Maloquacious © 2012

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  1. The only fish I had was a red Siamese fighting fish named Imhotep. I liked him. The silly thing liked to jump and would jump out of the bowl as I transferred him from bowl to pitcher and back again when I changed the water. Then, I’d put my hand next to him, give him a poke, and he’d jump into my hand like a good, little boy. For some reason, after about a year, he got ich, though, and I tried medicine, but it didn’t work, but maybe I used it wrong. (And I learned fish can indeed make noise. He let out a little squeal when I put him in the bowl with the medicine, so that’s why I never left him in it long.) One morning, I had a bad feeling, and when I looked in on him, he had perished. Poor thing. He got a little burial at sea. I mean, pond. It was a sea for him. Hope Miss Goldie/Snowy continues to live happily.


    • Oh, Duck, I feel for you…my sympathies. It must have been so traumatic for you to find poor Imhotep motionless, floating there, lifeless.. 😦

      On a cheery note, Duck, thank you for your kind wishes for HRH Queen Goldie/Snowy! 🙂


    • So good to see you, Cindy, and thanks for your delightful comment! You’ll be pleased to know that Snowy is cheerily swimming along…still! 😉


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