Celebrate YOU!


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Covered with fluff and dust upon a shelf rests the list of New Year resolutions, its page yellowing with age. It is a stark reminder of all our hopes and dreams for the new year. Ah, how we aspired to achieve them!

‘The year is half over now,’ you sadly state. Wistfully, together with a tinge of guilt, you whisper ‘if only…’ and ‘I wish I had…’

Time has a way of moving swiftly and catching you unawares. But fear not, it’s not too late. You can still accomplish what you set out to do. All you need is perseverance, determination and a deep faith in yourself. Keep this important point in mind—you are a GIFT to the world.

So forget the regret, and, today, begin anew.

Firstly, take a stock of yourself. Look in the mirror. What do you see?

But don’t just focus on your outward appearance, spare a thought to your inner self—the real you. This is what you are all about.

Your true character forms your personality, it’s an integral part. It is what makes you unique. Polish it, my friend, and let it shine! Moreover, remember, ‘If you take care of your character, your reputation will take care of itself.’

Rowland Hill, British administrator and educator, once said, ‘We can do more good than being good, than in any other way.’ It’s so true; makes much sense. Just think about it.

Good behaviour and refined inner thoughts enhance the personality. A better personality, in turn, affords an impressive physical appearance. So, persevere, wholeheartedly, to develop into a better human being. YOU can do it, my friend!

To assist in the change, look back at your list of New Year resolutions. What were the changes you wanted to make? What did you resolve to do?

With that in mind, make use now of intentions, goals and affirmations to support the change. This will help simplify the process.

To have an intention sets you in a particular direction. For example, ‘I want to lose weight.’

A goal is specific and measurable—‘I will lose 3 kilos in the next four weeks.’

An affirmation claims that you have already reached your goal and changes your subconscious mind to fit the new habit. For instance, ‘I am thrilled that I look good now and feel terrific about it!’

The body is controlled by a single, but complex organ—the brain. Here, we store our thoughts. The power of the mind is great, and each of us has untold resources of emotional power, mental reserves, physical endurance and spiritual stamina. All these can be used effectively. For without a doubt, our behaviour is determined by our thoughts; our every action is prompted by the manner in which we think.

Reflect upon this: sow the seeds of good, pure thoughts in your mind and then you’ll reap the reward. For you will have cultivated a rich harvest of humanism and compassion, and a bumper crop of high morality.

To achieve all this, you need to alter your thoughts.

Raise your level of thinking to noble heights. Revise negative thoughts to positive, and improve your whole attitude to life.

You can develop into a wiser and a more likeable person. It’s yours for the taking. All it requires is a little change and a bit of will power. Set your mind to it, and get better and better at everything you decide to do.

Remember, that good thoughts and good intentions radiate a glow of contentment and inner peace. Healthy thinking is a vitality producing process. Such thoughts help to keep the body in balance and functioning in a normal manner.

There are lots of ways in which you can be good. Be kindhearted and courteous. Be compassionate, help others. Take the time to listen to a friend in distress. The next time you ask someone ‘How are you?’ actually stop and listen to their answer.

Be respectful of the elderly, treat them kindly. The invalid and the infirm deserve special consideration.

Feel kindly towards others; be gentle with your family, friends, and relatives. Learn to share, and shower generosity. Tell your dear ones that you love them and show them how much you appreciate their presence in your life.

Spread joy and happiness; light up the space around you. Never forget that joy increases as you give it away. Dazzle others with your infectious smile and comfort them with the warmth of love and understanding.

You must make every effort to be honest and truthful. A Kenyan writer Lawrence Darmani stated: ‘The greatest value in life is the knowledge of God, because the knowledge of Him is the basis of all good morals.’ Refresh your soul by simply taking a few moments each day to reflect upon the beauty and perfection of God’s creation.

In short, toss out all negative traits and let in the as powerful positive ones. Let these energise you, and feed your soul. Make the change within you so to enjoy a happier, healthier you.

And as Steve Goodier says: ‘No one can be YOU as well as you can be you. You are an original, the likes of which the world has never before seen.’

So come on, chop-chop, bring out the buntings, blow up the balloons, toot the trumpets and celebrate the new person—YOU!

Maloquacious © 2012

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  1. What you are is God’s gift to you….what you make of yourself is your gift to God!
    Celebrating and honing the self is a celebration of life…

    Thank you for a great post Maleeha…
    God bless…


    • Shama, that is also one of my favourite quotes! I’m pleased you enjoyed this post…I think we should always, always endeavour to improve ourselves, mentally, physically and spiritually.. Blessings xx


  2. I never bother with New Year’s resolutions because I know I’ll never do them. We can make resolutions any time of year, though, of course. I try to choose not to worry anymore, but I can never do it, no matter how many times I want to try. I also have decided to try and lose weight, but I just gained more. Hmm. Not only should we try to be kind to others, but our pets, too. I felt guilty for ignoring my cat sometimes when she wants attention, and then I realized she won’t be around forever, so I try to pet her more. I try to be friendlier to my other cat now, too, and he’s more talkative now. Success! I am a slightly better duck now.


  3. …And I thought all was lost just because half the year is done and i obviously have not lived upto some resolutions. I feel inspired and suddenly rejuvenated…like it is NEW YEAR oh well…Happy Half New Year!! Well written Mal!


  4. What a perfectly beautiful topic to write about! And you chose such excellent quotes. Another one came to mind, by one of my favorite children’s authors, Dr. Seuss, “Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.”

    What I like about the Dr. Seuss books is that they do look beyond the surface, and in a very subtle way, examine the reasons why people do what they do. “A person’s a person, no matter how small,” is another of his. Prompting children, in a way they can understand, to look beyond what they see.


    • Thanks a bunch, Melissa, how very kind of you! I must say Dr Seuss’ quote is excellent, I love the fact that ‘…There is no one alive who is youer than you.’ Hits the nail on the head! 🙂


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