The Path of Life


Courtesy of MKA

The Path of Life 

May your Path of Life be happy and merry,

may it be smooth, straight and enjoyable.

May the sun shine ever so brightly,

may you glow with radiance along the way.

May the morning dew shimmer and sparkle

like precious jewels of good fortune.

May your life be a rich tapestry

of good, sincere friends—and everlasting friendships.

May you walk enthusiastically through life

with wisdom, vibrant health, happiness and joy.

May the sweet fragrance of flowers

linger around you with love and kindness.

May the trees shade you and protect you

during times of trouble and strife.

May each obstacle prove a stepping-stone

towards greater heights and success.

May the soft, gentle breeze

cool you with a crisp freshness in every minute of your life.

May tingling laughter ring cheerily around you

as you develop into the special person He meant you to be.

May each new day begin with a brilliant sunrise,

and as it sets, may you find peace, warmth and contentment.

And along your Path of Life

may you be carried in a carriage of crystal

…led by fine, white, magnificent steeds…

…happy and blessed, may you always be,

…sheltered, forever, in His loving care.


Maloquacious © 2012

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