The Midnight Prowler


I enjoy poetry. I like the imagery it evokes and the magic it creates. Poems are humorous, full of wit and giggles. Poems teach and enlighten. And, poems touch hearts.

Now and again, I dabble in a bit of poetry. Piddlyzogg is one such creation. It’s fun to play around with words, getting them to rhyme together—oui, mon ami, word juggling can be heaps of fun!

The following is a poem which I wrote while in college. It earned me a prize. I remember feeling quite chuffed about it. Indeed, my Oscar moment! Moreover, it greatly encouraged me to write further. And for that, I am most grateful. Enjoy…

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The Midnight Prowler

It was cold, windy and ‘twas dark

Nothing was heard, but a dog’s bark.

In the night stood a dark figure

Then it moved towards the door.

Inside the room, he quietly crept

With bated breath at every step.

He searched for it, it must be found!

So silently he looked around.

His eyes slowly scanned the wall

He peered at the cupboard that stood so tall.

Opened the drawer and for it sought

Perhaps it’s here, so he thought.

But nay, ‘twas not and so

He rummaged through the boxes lined in a row.

Hanging on his brow were beads of perspiration

As he continued his search in utter desperation.

His hands were clammy and his mouth was dry

But not on his life would he give up and cry.

He glanced around and his eyes did fall

Upon it—he had found it after all!

Now, all temptation he tried to resist

But the yearning continued to persist.

Temptation was too much for him

As he took the biscuits from out of the tin.

All little boys sometimes hungry get

Be it morning, evening or even midnight!

Maloquacious © 2012


14 responses »

  1. A very nice and fun poem — and congratulations on your prize! I enjoy stories like this, that take you in one direction and then end in another, especially when the resolution is a happy one. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Enjoyed your Oscar moment…so happy you had it so we can still keep reading what you write…
    Am in beautiful Vancouver these days…next time hope to visit Toronto too…look forward to meeting you one day…inshallah!

    God bless…


  3. Enjoyed your Oscar moment Maleeha…so happy you continued writing…

    Am in beautiful Vancouver these days…next time plan to visit Toronto too…hope to meet you some day…Inshallah…

    God bless…


  4. Nice poem. Lots of good rhymes. I see why you got an award.
    I like to write poetry sometimes, especially the rhyming type, but I have trouble thinking up rhymes. Or ideas in the first place.


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