Jambo! … Greetings!


 Jambo!’ greeted Wambui, our lovely friend from the beautiful land of Kenya. (Jambo means ‘Greetings’ in Swahili).

Wambui recently returned from East Africa. We had missed her greatly for she was an integral part of our group. She’d add fun and liveliness to our discussions and debates; excitement and hilarity to our various outings.

True, life was certainly more interesting and enjoyable when she was around.

We now sat with her, happy to be in her presence; embracing her vivacious spirit and taking in her love, warmth and charm. Whenever she spoke, her exquisitely beaded braids bounced upon her head, and the artistic brass/copper African bangles merrily jangled about on her delightfully tanned arms.

Wambui was a dynamic personality, exuding integrity, dignity and self-respect. Having travelled half the world, she was an encyclopaedia of views, news and information. And we loved her so!

‘Ooh, I do love this kiondo, darling!’ exclaimed Mildred, with a sparkle in her eyes, as she held up the pretty sisal-woven basket. With shades of pretty pinks and perfect purples, it sported a silver lion-shaped clasp and had light brown leather shoulder straps.

Wambui’s traditional Kenyan gifts of beaded mats, carved wooden figurines and the ever-popular African masks proved a tremendous hit. How we cherished them! Indeed, we accepted them heartily, but protested—albeit, a wee bit mildly—that she had done far too much! Giggle.

And how did our dear, sweet friend respond? She simply waved aside our protestations, and continued to regale us with breathtaking tales of her African safaris, her meetings with the Maasais and her thrilling adventures on the hot air balloon rides at Masai Mara.

‘I hear that the African buffalo is a most deadly and vicious animal. Is it true?’ asked Roxanne, wide-eyed, and she took a sip of her lemon and cardamom green tea.

Wambui nodded her head and then enlightened us on the wildlife of East Africa—elephants, hyenas, lions, cheetahs, leopards, giraffes, rhinos, hippos, wildebeests, among the many others.

Yes, we enjoyed a wonderful, fantastic time at our get together. Just when we were about to say our goodbyes, Mildred (who is wildly passionate about ice cream) suddenly decided to treat us all out for a chocolate sundae…and so the fun continued. Ah, super fabulous!

Maloquacious © 2012

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  1. Your friends sounds quite delightful Maleeha…thank you for going us a glimpse into your good times together…

    I am so very impressed that you know Swahili…could not have been an easy language to learn…I spent a short while in Kinshasa when father was sent there to open our mission…I was thankful for my French, which was a life saver…don’t think I could have handled Swahili! Kudos…do you still speak it and are you able to practise it with your friend from Kenya?

    Happy times always with friends…


    • Thank you, Shama…yes, I still do speak Swahili regularly, and am so grateful for the opportunity to have learnt it. How wonderful to speak fluent French! Je parle un peu seulement…


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