Angry birds?


Good morning!

I am out and about among the flowers and trees, the warbling birds and the buzzing bees. With a hop, a skip and a jump—plus a wee stretch of warming up exercises—I begin my daily walk.

Joggers, pink and white, feel light upon my feet. I take in the crisp, cool air; a gentle spring at every step. Briskly, I stride, resolute and firm, and with a cheery smile, I’m on my way. Treading carefully on the kerb, I cross the road and enter the park.

Above me, the pathway is arched, quite majestically, with the boughs and branches of the verdant trees. A musical, rustling sound resonates in the early morning breeze. Here and there, leaves flutter down, creating a magical confetti-like shower of green flakes. What an enchanting scene!

Happily, I savour the moment.



Ah, the breath of life!




With every step, I feel refreshed. Invigorated. Awake; alert.

Birds are perched up high in the trees. They chirp and twitter, watching me, sharp-eyed, as I walk beneath them.

Suddenly—I feel a drop…a spatter, hit me, unexpectedly, upon my head.

Eeek! Oh, no…

I stop dead in my tracks.

Fearfully, I raise my hand to my head…oh, yuk!

Furiously, I look upwards. Accusingly, I glare at the feathered folk. How dare they!

Their eyes gleam, for I am certain of this, with a malevolent glint. And, is that a devilish chuckle I hear?

I turn on my heel, and with great speed, I rush back towards home.

I endeavour to remain calm. I tell myself that it could have been worse. Sigh. I take comfort in a little poem…

Little bird, flying high

Dropping something from the sky.

Says the farmer, wiping his eye,

“What a blessing, cows can’t fly!”

…Yes, thank goodness for small mercies…

Maloquacious © 2012

19 responses »

  1. Ha ha. I’d promised myself not to continue the laugh when I was typing this message, but couldn’t resist. 🙂

    They say bird droppings are lucky, especially if they fall on your head, Maleeha! So woohoo to that.


  2. I kind of know how that is because in a “Zelda” game I played recently, some birds pottied on my head. They did it several times in a row as I tried to fight them off before I decided it would be best to just leave them be. But, I was still shocked and dismayed at both them and Nintendo for their lack of maturity. (The character with me said she didn’t know if the birds did it out of “pure malice” or a “carefree attitude”, but I suspect the former.) Luckily in real life, I don’t think I’ve ever had this happen. Perhaps birds don’t potty on other birds.
    And it is very good cows can’t fly. Plus, it would be pretty bad if they flew into your car or your window. Imagine being under an eagle or a condor at the wrong time. Unlike most avian creatures, I am a thoughtful bird and never do such things.


  3. Oh no! That is so unfair, Maleeha. 😦 However — it has happened to me too. Right when I was talking to a neighbor. She laughed her head off at me. And I pointed out that when a bird poops on your head, it’s good luck. My grandmother told me this, and she knew all about these things, so yes, it’s true. You suffered a bit, but now you can await your good luck! Other than that, your walk sounded simply beautiful. 🙂


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