Ho Ho Ho .. Tra-la-la


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Dear Santa,

Ho Ho Ho! I thought I’d greet you with the same hearty salutation that you use for all of us.

I’m sure you realise just how exhilarating and uplifting it is for us when we hear your familiar jovial, merry greeting. The chinkling of bells, the clippety-clop of your reindeer—by the way, a big hug for Rudolph, and a warm embrace to each and every elf that helps you with your sacks of gifts galore—and the swoosh of your sleigh as it zips through the skies, is music to our ears.

Big smiles and toothy grins, warm hugs and loving handshakes are just some of the happy signs of joyful Christmas; not forgetting the beautiful bundles of surprises wrapped up in colourful, psychedelic packaging, tied with swirly, twirly tumbling ribbons.

It’s wonderful to hear the sound of carollers! And it’s even more wonderful when snowflakes fall and flutter about, spreading a glow of warmth and delight amidst the wintry chill. Aye, the festive season brightens up hearts and stirs the souls, bringing out the goodness and compassion in everyone. After all, sharing and caring is what this holiday season’s all about.

Ah, silver tinsel and rich mistletoe add that extra bit of sparkle to the magic of the moment. How enchantingly the star shines atop the Christmas tree!  “O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, Your branches green delight us!” Tra-la-la.

Dear Santa, I won’t take up too much of your time now. I understand you’re very busy, especially today, but I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for all your hard work…you really do cheer us up with your rollicking merriment and mirth. Thank you!

Have a safe flight back to the North Pole. My love and best wishes to Mrs Claus.

Heaps of gratitude,


PS. Santa, please present each of my dear friends and family with a precious, jumbo-sized box of health, happiness, fun, luck and laughter…oh, and some chocolate, truffles and caramel, too!

Maloquacious © 2011


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    • Gosh, Melissa, I’m honoured! Thanks heaps for the Liebster Blog award, bless you! I love blogging and am so grateful for all the new friends I’ve found. Thanks again!

      signed: Happy Spirit! 🙂


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