Promise me


Yesterday, Lynne Anderson delightfully serenaded: ‘I never promised you a rose garden.’

Today, there’s a different sort of promise. Today, I want you to promise me something precious – a promise of Gratitude.

Promise me that you will whisper a little prayer to thank Him for each and every blessing. Promise me that you will do it right now.


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Never mind about how you are feeling; ignore that self-pity and the sense of inadequacy. Quit pointing fingers and stop blaming others. Allez! End it all. Pronto. ASAP.

Enough is enough! Or, as I usually say, ‘nuff is ‘nuff.

It’s so simple to pin the ‘it’s all your fault’ tale (pun intended) on a scapegoat. It’s all too easy to shrug off responsibility for the fiasco that you, yourself, have created.

Bickering, backbiting and jealousies only result in hate and more hate. The Green-Eyed Monster, deservedly, is an unwelcome guest so let your soul be free of it. Act right now. Enjoy peace and contentment.

Let grace and gratitude become a part of your life. Be at peace with yourself. Focusing on gratefulness will keep you centred and will most definitely help you to ward off negativity.

There are five little things you can do each day to nourish your sense of gratitude. You’ll find them here.

Certainly, these two words: ‘Thank you’ warm the heart and spur the soul. Work on focusing on what you have – not on what you don’t have – and on all the oh-so-many ways to help you have more gratitude for the gift of life.

Indeed, the world is full of beauty. Just open your eyes and note the majesty and splendour that surrounds you. Observe the stuff of life….the things that you so often take for granted. Give importance to them.

And be grateful… Promise me.

Maloquacious © 2011


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  1. Wow! You have quite a gift. And I’m glad you share that gift with us. I used to be that self-pitying kind. Then I met someone who- no matter what the pain- always found something to appreciate; be it leaves turning, a mountain in the distance, clouds in the sky. Thank you for the pingback. Now if I could only figure out how to do that….


    • I must thank you, Doc, for taking out the time to read my blog, and for the oh-so-wonderful comment…I’m chuffed indeed! So glad you’re enjoying the beauty of life.. 🙂

      About the ping…you’re most welcome!


  2. “Let grace and gratitude become a part of your life.” I miss those times when one could see such people around more often. They’ve become a rarer breed. I’d like to join them!


    • Totally agree with you, Priya! And Tolerance is another great personality…wish more people in this world would embrace and accept…

      Thank you for reading! 🙂


  3. That is an important thing to do. When I start thinking of the bad things too much, I try to simply thank God for all the good things and avoid asking for anything. It helps me realize how many things I have to be grateful for and makes my problems not seem as bad.


  4. What a beautiful post. And thank you for the reminder, “Let grace and gratitude become a part of your life.” So true. And so important to think of those words when the hard times seem to stretch long before us.


    • Yes, the world would be a better place if only more people would let grace and gratitude enter their hearts and homes. Thank you, Melissa, for the lovely comment! 🙂


  5. Well done Mal! Your post is so right on and accessible. I was going to write on gratitude this week because the points in your blog post are my mantras, but I’m so glad I got distracted by Penn State. You did a much better job on gratitude than I ever could. I think if we could merge your treatise on gratitude and mine on forgiveness, we just might be able to overhaul the problems of the world. What say you: shall we take this show on the road? 🙂 Have a grateful day!


    • Gosh, thanks a bunch! I hear you, girl, loud and clear…yes, together, we can make beautiful music – World, be ready to embrace our message of peace, love and gratitude…shall we dance? 😀

      Thanks for your time, Eleanor, and I appreciate your interest!


  6. You are an inspiration. I wish there were more people like you who sent the message of peace and good intentions.

    I apologize for accidentally erasing you comment from my “Memorial to Gourmet Magazine” blog. I discovered that I had published it twice and erased one of them Unfortunately I erased the one with your comment. It was something about Julia Child and was in French. But thank you for sending it.



    • ‘Hakuna matata!’ (No worries, in Swahili) It was a pleasure reading your blog piece, Ronnie. And I must thank you for visiting my blog and for the kind words you have expressed. God bless! 🙂


  7. Hello, I’m finally getting around to repaying your kindness. Lovely blog. I really like what you have to say.
    I find saying a daily gratitude ‘prayer’ helps me stay positive, especially when I feel the least positive or grateful.
    A website I found that is wonderful in its promotion of a positive attitude to life: Some amazing speakers/videos to watch.
    Hope you have a nice weekend.


    • Hi there, thank you for your interest! Yes, I too am subscribed to and I find their videos incredible and enthralling…a perfect way to get the message across – be it business, science or personal – a delight to watch!
      Thanks for leaving a comment…have a blessed, productive week.. 🙂


  8. Yep! Love this! How true that we take some things for granted! Even the air we breathe! What was that again about smelling the coffee? Sniff Sniff!


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