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A smiley a day keeps Grumpy away


Alpha likes hazelnut ice-cream. I like smilies.. 🙂

A smiley by Pumbaa, drawn using a text editor.

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Bravo likes blueberry muffins. I like smilies.. 😀

Charlie likes steak ‘n chips. I like smilies.. 😆

So now you know everything you wanted to know about me but were afraid to ask. 😛 I’m just bombastically crazy about smilies. Full stop.

Exactly, what is a smiley?

The Oxford Dictionary tells us the meaning of ‘smiley’ – It is a simple picture of a smiling face that is drawn as a circle with two eyes and a curved mouth.

It goes on to say that these symbols are used in email or text messages to show that the person sending the message is pleased or joking. 😮

Wiktionary says that smiley means cheerful and happy; smiling.

Whereas Wikipedia enlightens by giving us the added information that the smiley first appeared in 1963.

Never one to miss a party, Google goes one step further and offers a delightfully madding display of these dazzling beauties right here.. 😎

These zany yellow smilies are featured with big grins, cheeky winks, dark shades, 👿 devilish ears, green-eyed :mrgreen: , teary-eyed and boggle-eyed. 😯 Among my favourites is the one with two little red hearts on the forehead. Look it up, check it out. Too cute.

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Promise me


Yesterday, Lynne Anderson delightfully serenaded: ‘I never promised you a rose garden.’

Today, there’s a different sort of promise. Today, I want you to promise me something precious – a promise of Gratitude.

Promise me that you will whisper a little prayer to thank Him for each and every blessing. Promise me that you will do it right now.


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Never mind about how you are feeling; ignore that self-pity and the sense of inadequacy. Quit pointing fingers and stop blaming others. Allez! End it all. Pronto. ASAP.

Enough is enough! Or, as I usually say, ‘nuff is ‘nuff.

It’s so simple to pin the ‘it’s all your fault’ tale (pun intended) on a scapegoat. It’s all too easy to shrug off responsibility for the fiasco that you, yourself, have created.

Bickering, backbiting and jealousies only result in hate and more hate. The Green-Eyed Monster, deservedly, is an unwelcome guest so let your soul be free of it. Act right now. Enjoy peace and contentment.

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The powerful date of 11.11.11


Positive Thoughts

Today, no matter where I went or what I read, the figures 11.11.11 stood out. There they were, standing there most predominantly, as if screaming blue murder, demanding to be noticed. Yes, they got me, well and proper.

Furthermore, a beautiful photograph beckoned my attention. The butterfly. The flower. Put together, they formed a poetic image of life. Ah, very lovely indeed!

11.11.11. I am mesmerized by this number. According to Positive Thoughts, they numerically indicate that it is a time where the energies of the planets are aligning us to connect with the Divinity within…to connect into our heart and soul’s longing.

It symbolises the time for us to rid ourselves of all negative emotions, such as greed, control, fear and judgment, etc. We must let go of them, set them free.

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You’re fired…in other words, ‘You’re such a Loser!’


Hmph. Indeed. What is the world coming to? I just finished watching telly, switched it off now, and sit, amazed, bewildered. Gobsmacked, to be honest.

Peacock Design

Image by ImageMD via Flickr

The programme was on hairdressing. And one by one, the ‘worst’ amongst the frizz of hairstylists is judged, voted out (as the ‘loser’) and simply kicked out of the competition. Told to pack up and go home. Scissors, razors, wigs and all.

To make matters worse they are then interviewed, and asked about their feelings.

Ha, feelings, you want to know? You gotta be kiddin’! How would you feel, man, if you were defeated and treated like that? Indirectly, you are being told on national (and international) television and I quote yours truly: ‘you’re not good enough, you loser!’

Have a heart, man!

Whether it’s in singing, dancing, ice-skating, cooking, baking, juggling, and all-the-others-that-I-might-have-missed fields…I feel very bad for the so-called ‘losers’. After all, they have their sense of pride. Don’t hurt them. Sob.

How their hearts must ache! Sniff. 

Speaking of hearts, imagine if there were to be such competitions for doctors and surgeons. Now, just think about that.

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A speech sans humour is like a computer without a byte


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I don’t know about you, but I don’t like listening to long speeches, especially the ones that are full of data, stats and numbers. So, in order to captivate my interest, a speech must be witty, inspiring, motivating, interesting and most of all, humorous.

Therefore, if you’re planning to write one sans humour then count me out. You certainly won’t see me sitting in the front row. I want a speech that is funny—as in ‘funny ha-ha’. Yes, I want a giggle and a titter, a guffaw is most welcome. Are you with me or not?

Moreover, please do not bore me by rattling of ratios or babbling up percentages. Citing laws and levies also, is much too taxing for my little grey cells. Duh.

However, if you must, then sprinkle (please!) all this dreadfully-boring-but-informative stuff with a bit of wit, a dab of ‘funny ha-ha’ anecdotes plus oodles and oodles of humour. For then, assuredly, I will happily digest it all, but without that indigestion of the surplus tedium.

Now, down to brass-tacks. Ready, eh?

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Mystery man found…no claimants

The beach and surf at Canaveral National Seash...

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A mystery man has been found, washed up on the beach. Possibly suffering from amnesia.

Who is he? Where is he from? What language does he speak?

There are no answers. When questioned, the man just remains silent.

Officials say that the mystery man does not appear violent.

Members of the public have been asked to come forward if they recognise him. He may be someone’s missing husband, son or brother.

Authorities have requested anyone who knows this man to get in touch with them as soon as possible.

His picture has been posted everywhere.

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