Do you ever wonder at the wonder of it all?

View of Palm Island from Wallaby Point

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Indeed, do you ever wonder at the wonder of it all? Prompted by a friend and her post, set me thinking…pondering….and wondering—about life, mainly; the many blessings, and, of course, most importantly, the deep gratitude for being here in this majestic, gargantuan world.

And while we’re here, what should we do?

The answer, my friend, is certainly not blowing in the wind…it is here, within us, in easy reach.

It is our attitude and gratitude.Think about it.

We must be grateful for every blessing. And, be supremely thankful for the greatest gift of all—life!

Ah, sweet life. Enjoy the early morning sun as it glistens on dewdrops, like sparkling diamonds. Listen to the sweet tweets of the birds as they merrily sing to welcome the new day.

Notice the huge variety of plants. The proud sycamore stands tall, while underneath, the pretty daffodils bob and sway in the rain. Listen to the pitter-patter of the raindrops upon the porch, as rivulets meander down the winding garden path.

Feel the gentle breeze on your face as you race in the park. Sense the potpourri of various emotions that swirl and twirl in the air, incessantly. Taste the icy snowflake on the tip of your tongue. Brrr.

Hear the gurgle of a new born babe, and the gentle whisper of wind through palm fronds, as coconuts play peek-a-boo. The soft ripple of waves as the surf hits the sandy shore.

Be amazed at how day changes into night, and see the seasons bring in their vibrant colours…in awe, you witness it all, as His miracles unfold. Overwhelmed.

Yes, you wonder at the wonder of it all.

Watch and listen to the video clip below. It’s absolutely beautiful, accompanied by a soothful instrumental. Sit back and enjoy. And, allow its message to seep into your very soul.

Remember, no matter how much you may have experienced and how much you may have seen, there will always, always be more.

Enjoy life! It is your time to live, right now. 😀

Maloquacious © 2011

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  1. More than a sunset, we enjoy a sunrise. It just seems to amaze us each morning how serenely the dark night changes to gray, then blue. Thank you for this post!


    • Totally agree with you, it’s absolutely amazing to watch the sun slowly rise and turn the night into day. I’m so pleased you enjoyed this post…many thanks! 🙂


  2. Yes, so true. There are so many things to enjoy. When I’m feeling sad, I remember the simple fact that I can see. Simple things like eyesight and hearing are some of the best things around and yet most that have it likely don’t give it a second thought. You don’t need to lose something to appreciate it. If an annoying sound is bothering me, I remember the wonderful parts of hearing. Music, rainfall, someone’s voice. There is so much to be happy about.


    • Hey, I love your attitude! You say: “If an annoying sound is bothering me, I remember the wonderful parts of hearing.” So true. We must always, always remember to be grateful for all our blessings.. Have a blessed day! 🙂


    • Yes, Ronnie, at times when everything’s in a muddle and it seems there’s no solution, we just have to be patient and then voila! …it all turns out right in the end! So glad you feel this way too.. 🙂


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    • Frah, thanks so much for dropping by and leaving a comment! You’re right that we take it all for granted and often don’t realise the incredible gift we’re blessed with – LIFE. With all its ups and downs, it’s still a beautiful life…enjoy it! 🙂


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