Fancy a game of Boggle, Brad?

Brad Pitt at the Berlin premiere of Inglorious...

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Word games. I adore them. Sometimes, I get so engrossed in them that only when the piercing rays of morning sun shine on me do I realise the time.

Yep, the fat lady can sing all she wants.  The cows can moo till hoarse, even come home. But it ain’t over till I say it’s over. I’m sticking to my game. Up till the very end. Aye. And the name of the game is Boggle.

Everyone knows about Boggle. But for those of you who don’t, catch the info here. Be warned, it’s addictive. One puff of it and you’re hooked for life.

Now, you’re probably wondering where DDG (as in Drop-Dead-Gorgeous) Brad Pitt fits into all this. Am I right?

Well, this morning I read the piece by Owain Yeoman. The Welsh star writes that during a break in acting, he and the ‘Hollywood hunk’ ended up playing Boggle.

So, then what? Plenty happened. And I quote Yeoman:

“He’s really good at Boggle …, do not be fooled, that guy knows his Boggle! Do not play Brad Pitt at Boggle, ….”

But hey, I consider myself a Boggle whizz….Brad, are you game??

Do you enjoy word games? Scrabble? Boggle? Know any unusual words? What’s your favourite word?

© Maloquacious, 2011.

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    • Hi, fellow Boggler! Hmm, I like your words…ameliorate and kerfuffle. My favourite one is ‘skedaddle’. It’s good to read up on uncommon words, helps in word games!
      Thanks for stopping by and reading.. 😀


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