Nothing starts the day like a brisk walk in the gusty wind


I jump out of bed. Throw on my walking gear. Joggers on my feet, and a pashmina twirled around my neck. Hmmm. A teeny weeny bit more of warmth needed. So, jacket on, zipped up and out I venture forth where few have dared to tread….well, okay, might have exaggerated a bit.

My one hour’s walk…brisk walk, as prescribed by dear doc…thus begins. I feel the cold wind slap my face. Thwack! Oh, dear. My bonny tresses all knotted up and gnarled like the jigsaw roots of an old, old tree. Fingers numb to the touch, and my nose resembles Rudolph’s.

I plod along…oops, sorry…briskly I walk along the tree lined avenue. Leaves brown, green, orange and yellow flutter about like butterflies celebrating a big birthday bash. Bits of litter swirl in the air, and flowers, which have seen better days, have their petals sprinkled everywhere.

I smile at the wind. Yes, smile. It makes me feel alive and refreshes me. It’s cold no doubt, but it awakens me, good and proper. This is life. And to Him I whisper softly…Thank You!

© Maloquacious, 2011.

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