Gratitude Day


I just learnt something interesting. My friend told me that today is Gratitude Day. Funny and odd. Funny because I thought every day is supposed to be Gratitude Day. And odd because how can you name each and every blessing??

But as Gratitude Day is being celebrated today, I’d like to spell out my thanks for a number of things…actually they’re countless!

I’m grateful for my darling children…a daughter and son.  My two priceless gems, without whom my life would not have been as bright, dazzling and magical. They are the sun that warms up my day, and the moon that guides me along when I feel lost. Love you both to bits!

I’m grateful for my parents…I am who I am because of them. They gave me the best in life and enabled me to grow, from a tot to a teen and then an independent adult. Bless them!

I’m grateful for my siblings…a brother and sister. Yes, we may have quarrelled and squabbled, and scratched and shrieked our way through yesteryears, but today, we stand united in love, integrity and solidarity. Cheers!

I’m grateful for my health and the peace and contentment that I enjoy. I’m grateful for the roof over my head, food on my table and that bar of chocolate for the quick pick-me-up!

I’m grateful for life’s twists and turns…after all, joys and sorrows are part of the package…they mould me into a strong, courageous and determined person. Hail to enthusiasm, the passion of life!

I’m grateful for a whole lot more…oodles and oodles…of such heavenly blessings. Last but not least, I’m grateful for my dear friends. Yes, you! I value our friendship and am thankful for your love, compassion and companionship. Luv ya!

© Maloquacious, 2011.

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  1. Totally agree with you. Yes, one should be grateful every single day and all religions and universal humanity also gives us this message; Much like Valentines and Mothers’ day this day has also found a date.Interesting blogging…i will be checking it regularly!!


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